Saturday, 24 January 2015

Chapter Nine: Laughter and Enlightenment

Ever wonder what Laughter is? Well on a base material level it is this. As you read this or listen to someone your left side of your brain is vibrating is unison, hoping to make some new insight into your true nature (for most people this is happening below there level of awareness). When your right side of your brain see's a patter (that is the right sides porpoise) that is a direct contradiction to your belief matrix. There is an electrical jump from your right brain to your left and then back again so fast your brain shorts out for as long as you are laughing. This has such a good and profound effect on every level of your soul matrix that it in turn affects every cell in you body. More oxygen is absorbed into the cells and they balance energetically in an instant. You are temporarily out of your mind and your Soul returns to your source. This from the souls point of view is liberation from the illusion of life and death in all it variations. Liberation from the belief that you are a mortal being who may stop existing one day.
Did you know that crying and Laughing are the same thing? But at different vibrations. Crying is ...your being saying "I DON'T IT I DON'T GET!!".

Laughter on the other hand is your Mind and Body and Soul saying "I GET IT, I GET IT ... I AM FREE AND FOREVER! BECAUSE A PART OF ME APPEARS NOT TO BE BUT IS!! I GET IT ... OH MY ME I GET IT!!"
Have you ever laughed really hard at something ? Really laughed from the belly? Afterwards when you try to figure out what was " FUNNY " . It is imposable to know the full extent of the humour paradox. This is cause the brain was not meant to comprehend the full extent of your true soul matrix. This would lead to full blown insanity... Which funny enough is what Laughter is, but just for a bit.
I "THE MIGHTY GARAMA" have no use for laughter ... Or pooing ... Or a bum hole . But I am big enough to admit I miss the the last two.
Channeled by Garth van Rooyen
DISCLAIMER WARNING: The video below has nothing to do with "THE MIGHTY GARAMA". Garth insisted we put it in ...  he is convinced I might be Karmic ally constipated.
Mabey ..."I AM THAT ... I AM"
"an esoteric jest"

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